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02 Oct 2016

Zambian Cultural Heritage – The Tonga visitors – Their particular customs and Customs


The Tonga folks of Zambia live in Zambia’s Southern Province. They’ve been an agricultural tribe and herding cattle and crop developing would be the two vital components of their standard economy. They have a deep link with their cattle and land reflecting an old religious balance with nature.

The Tonga are believed becoming initial Zambian residents – sites dating back to on eighteenth and nineteenth centuries have already been on the Batoka Plateau also ancient town sites near Kalomo and Choma. The earliest web site can be found on Sebanzi Hill on Lochinvar Ranch which will be on the side of the Kafue Flats.

Zambian history suggests that 600 years back a flourishing trade center existed when you look at the Zambezi valley. A website christened Ingombe Ilede had been unearthed by Archaeologists and it revealed that individuals existed right here and traded using Arabs, Chinese and India. Copper crosses of approximately 30cm in total have already been found having already been the main currency product.

Your message ‘Tonga’ indicates ‘independent’ and it verifies the theory that originally the Tonga individuals did not have a centralised political framework but lived-in separate family devices. Typically chieftainship had not been an element of the Tonga tradition. Instead, priests and rainmakers were seen becoming more essential leaders. It absolutely was only when the colonial management had been producing its leadership framework that chiefs were assigned on Tonga individuals. Because of the changes attributable to the colonial administration, chieftaincy has become an integral part of Tonga politics.

Instead confusingly, there is certainly reference to a Chief Monze well before the British stumbled on Zambia. Chief Monze had not been a Chief as we would understand it but a priest, prophet, rainmaker and mediator. The present Chief Monze that is a spiritual and cultural leader whom commands significant respect from a extensive community descends from an extended lineage dating back to from 17th century when based on standard tails initial Chief Monze descended from heaven.

The Lwiindi Gonde Ceremony could be the primary Tonga ceremony and is held when you look at the south-west of Monze town on the final Sunday of June. It’s a conventional ceremony filled up with music, vibrant dance and prayer. ‘Gonde’ means thick bush and this could be the spot where shrines associated with Tonga individuals are. It’s the spot where very first ever before Chief Monze vanished – tradition claims that he couldn’t die. Gonde became the burial place for several chiefs although only two are in fact buried there. (A detailed article has-been written regarding the Lwiindi Gonde Ceremony and it’s also entitled Zambian Cultural Heritage – The Lwiindi Gonde conventional Ceremony).

This short article is encouraged because of the guide ‘Ceremony! Celebrating Zambia’s Cultural Heritage’. It is fabulous and a visually pleasing guide that I would motivate you to get. I acquired mine from ZAIN in Lusaka, Zambia. It’s posted by Celtel Zambia PLC and Seka. Original photography, Francois d’Elbee. Coordinating writer, Tamara Guhrs. Publisher, Mulunga Kapwepwe. Contributing authors, Akashambatwa Mbikusita-Lewanika, Prof Mapopa Mtonga, Mulenga Kapwepwe, Isaac Smogy Kapinga, Miranda Guhrs, Msatero Tembo, Matiya Ngalande and Joseph Chikuta.