03 Oct 2016

Things Not Valid for forex (FX) into the Nigerian FX Markets


So that they can maintain the stability of the forex (FX) Market and make certain efficient using forex the derivation of maximum advantages from products or services imported into Nigeria, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) recently issued a brand new directive in a circular it distributed.

The directive exempts some imported products or services from the range of items entitled to access FX during the Nigerian forex markets being foster and support neighborhood production of these items in the nation.

The implication of the development is that importers desiring to transfer some of the items placed in these CBN’s directive could be expected to source for FX funds without the recourse into the Nigerian forex (Interbank marketplace and BBN input).

The list of the affected items tend to be outlined below but are evaluated as need arises. However, take note that the importation of those items aren’t prohibited.

The items through the following:

Palm kernel/Palm oil products/vegetables oils
Meat and refined meat products
Vegetables and prepared vegetable products
Poultry chicken, eggs, turkey
Private air-planes/jets
Indian incense
Tinned seafood in sauce(Geisha)/sardines
Cold rolled steel sheets
Galvanized steel sheets
Roofing sheets
Head pans
Metal bins and containers
Steel drums
Steel pipes
Wire rods(deformed and never deformed)
Iron rods and reinforcing bard
Wire mesh
Steel nails
Security and razor wine
Wood particle panels and panels
Wood Fibre Boards and Panels
Plywood panels and panels
Wooden doors
Glass and Glassware
Kitchen utensils
Tiles-vitrified and ceramic
Woven fabrics
Plastic and plastic products, polypropylene granules, cellophane wrappers
Soap and cosmetic makeup products
Tomatoes/tomato pastes
Eurobond/foreign money bond/ share purchases

In our view, we understand Share Purchases (item 40 into the listing) to be discussing Nigerians who access this currency exchange market to invest in international securities and never international people who inflow funds into Nigeria the functions of financial investment.

The CBN reported this was in a bid to maintain the stability of the foreign exchange market and make certain the efficient using currency exchange whilst encouraging neighborhood production of these items. The CBN also reported plainly that importation of those items aren’t prohibited, nevertheless importers of those items shall do this utilizing their own funds without recourse into the Nigerian forex Markets.

The implication of the is that you will have paid down need in the official marketplace therefore paid down pressure on the formal FX marketplace. However, you will have increased pressure on the parallel Market (Bureau de Change). The gap between the parallel additionally the formal marketplace will widen additionally the rate for bucks into the parallel marketplace increase. This may also cause an increase in the expense of these items in your area for consumers and fundamentally inflation.


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