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10 Jul 2017

Theresa May is in Danger

There is speculation that Theresa May’s position is in danger with many Tory MPs asking for her resignation. Finding herself in a difficult situation, May is now asking the Labour party’s help in order to create policies for a post-Brexit Britain.

On Tuesday, she will attempt to emphasise that her “commitment to change Britain is undimmed” and she will ask for cross-party cooperation. She will invite MPs  to “come forward with your own views and ideas about how we can tackle these challenges as a country. At this critical time in our history, we can either be timid or we can be bold. We can play it safe or we can strike out with renewed courage and vigour, making the case for our ideas and values and challenging our opponents to contribute, not just criticise … In everything we do, we will act with an unshakable sense of purpose to build the better, fairer Britain which we all want to see.”

Given her small majority with the help of the DUP, she will need support from the opposition and Labour frontbench to implement Brexit. Tory MPs are arguing that May is “dead in the water” and that she has lost all authority.

Labour shadow cabinet minister, Andrew Gwynne,  said: “Theresa May has finally come clean and accepted the government has completely run out of ideas. As a result they’re having to beg for policy proposals from Labour. This is further evidence that this government can no longer run the country.”

There are reports that Brexit secretary David Davis’ allies are thinking writing a letter to May calling for her departure. But, Davis’ friend, Andrew Mitchell, a former chief whip told them to “go and lie down in a darkened room and then take a holiday.”

Many Conservative MPs worry that by replacing May they will be making things worse and enabling Corbyn to win for Labour, since polls show that Corbyn stands a bigger chance in wining if another general election takes place.