02 Oct 2016

Proprietary Trading Firms – Meeting Questions and Prep Tips


A typical concern from potential proprietary dealers getting ready to make an impression at their interview for a trading vacancy is “What interview concerns can I be expected?”, “just how will the interview process be conducted?” and “just how best can I prepare for my interview?”.

Every proprietary trading company will have its own unique recruitment process, that will often be altered regularly as organizations adjust and update their strategies. Therefore impractical to provide any thing more than general guidance regarding the interview process and just what could be involved. But the next article might help in giving tips about what you are expected, and how it is possible to well get ready for interviewing.


Research the company plus interviewer (if known), discover what their markets are (stocks, options, futures or multi-asset) and how they trade (marketplace manufacturer, spreads, pairs, algorithmic, circulation trading, etc). Check out the task description carefully. Search cyberspace for previous talks or feedback on online forums towards company or position.

If you don’t prepare carefully and completely the interview, why if the interviewer believe you certainly will prepare properly for each trading time?

Be sure you understand the products and exchanges such as for example fixed income or STIRS, Eurex and LIFFE. Review relevant tick sizes, value of agreements, rollover times, volatility of agreements and item specifications.

Group interview

Some businesses repeat this, some don’t, but be prepared for the very first round of interviewing become done as a bunch. This will be a simple way for a proprietary trading organization to get a largish wide range of their best individuals into their workplace en-mass, and to slim straight down which of these individuals they are thinking about speaking to individual.

In a normal team interview, a recruiter (or two) will present the company and their possibility. They will tell you a short presentation, after which they will certainly ask the prospects, one-by-one to face up-and relocate to the leading associated with space to produce an introduction. You ought to discuss your self, why you should do trading and just why with regards to organization, etc. You ought to modify your introduction to handle everything you think the company is seeking in line with the task description plus earlier analysis.

The team interview will perhaps feature some form of reflex or cognitive evaluating; you are needed to do some of the on a PC. Ready they will certainly have some fundamental numeracy test too – these wont usually be exceptionally difficult examinations, but an occasion restriction will be enforced.

The complete process is generally crafted to assist the prop company recruiters determine and select which associated with grouped prospects display the traits the company considers desirable. Like, trading calls for self-confidence and composure, as well as efficient communication with trainers alongside dealers particularly if you go on to focus in a group. The aptitude or maths examinations will demonstrate whether it is possible to retain your focus and precision whilst under great pressure and in a competing environment resistant to the other prospects.

Individual Interviews – Question kinds

Interview concerns end up in group kinds, such as for example open or shut concerns or behavioural concerns, built to elicit or provoke specific responses from inteviewees. It’s of use if you understand the kinds of concerns you are expected, to be able to psychologically prepare for how you can deal with your responses during these concern scenarios.

Behavioural concerns – predicts future behaviour centered on your previous experiences
You needs to have prepared samples of exactly how your previous experiences have allowed you to develop specific skills needed for the job, and give an explanation for advantage on company.
STAR: Situation, Tasks, Action, Outcome

Open concerns – ” Tell us about……..”

Bear in mind the skills apt to be required as a trader, and tailor your response around the task description, choice criteria plus talents.

Closed concerns – utilized if the interviewer wishes information of a certain informative or technical nature, these sort of concerns could often be answered with a “yes” or “no”

They interviewer will be pursuing clarification and elaboration of previous experiences or will need you to demonstrate your understanding in a few topic location.

Hypothetical concerns – “What can you do…” “just how can you deal with…”

These concerns are created to examine your psychological agility, the ability to think on the legs.

Leading concerns – the clear answer appears obvious…

“As a trainee trader you’ll need great communication abilities – are you experiencing great skills in this region?” Don’t provide an easy yes or no answer. Constantly give examples to guide your response.

Mix or sequential concerns – a couple of concerns phrased collectively, on the same topic

Avoid being afraid to ask the concern become repeated if you cannot recall areas of the entire concern throughout your response.

Use the ‘STAR’ technique for responding to interview concerns

S: Situation – describe the scenario
T: Task or issue – just what issue do you face?
A: Action – just what activity or choice do you take?
R: outcome – the thing that was the result or outcome of your activity?

Common interview concerns

Following are a summary of a few of the most commonly expected proprietary trading interview concerns, and an illustration of just what the company might be wanting in an answer.

Tell me about yourself

The solitary most commonly expected concern throughout interviews, though it often catches the unprepared off-guard. You’ll want a short declaration ready in your mind. Be mindful that everything you say doesn’t sound very rehearsed. Restrict your reply to trading-related or expert information unless instructed otherwise. Mention issues have done and tasks you have got held that are linked to, or could contribute for some reason towards suitability the trading position you might be interviewing for. Focus on things farthest back and progress up for this.

How come you wish to be a trader?

Explain just how long has actually it been your need and describe the actions you have got taken to achieve your goal. When you have exchanged currently this is certainly outstanding chance to demonstrate real-world proof of your interest in trading by creating your bank account statements and PnL metrics. The company will be the desire to earn money, and of use skills you already have from other areas. It’s also advisable to demonstrate an understanding associated with demands associated with task, and have longer term goals. They are not wanting people that are desire a “glamorous” task, with no appreciation the effort involved, or even for folks entering trading since they were unable to find yourself in their opted for area; ie, a good investment Bank.

Do you really think about your self a threat taker?

You ought to answer this seriously, and become willing to straight back your answer up with behavioural examples. If YES, give an example of a risk you took; Why do you think about that become a risk? Do you really enjoy taking chances? If NO, explain why; be ready to describe everything you think about become a risk, and how you respond to other people who do simply take risks. The company will likely be wanting individuals who understand the distinction between a calculated risk and recklessness, which look at the risk in advance and which enjoy the challenge of determined risk using. They’re not going to be wanting individuals who enjoy risk using purely the adrenalin dash, or which cannot distinguish between risk using and foolishness.

Just what have you figured out about that business?

This question is one explanation doing a bit of research regarding the business prior to the interview. Explain in a nutshell everything you realize about the company, in which they are and in which they’re going. Exactly what are the present dilemmas and who’re the major people in company, just what their markets and exchanges are and how they trade. Don’t be afraid to phone in to reception in advance and speak to someone when performing pursuit eighteen enough information.

How come you wish to work/trade with this specific organization?

This may simply take some preparatory thought and once more must be in line with the previous analysis you have got done regarding the prop team. Sincerity is quite crucial right here and certainly will effortlessly be sensed. Relate your response to your long-lasting profession goals – which should needless to say be linked to the trading possibility you have got applied for.

Just what maybe you have done to improve your understanding or skills within the last year?

You will need to feature self-improvement activities that connect with the precise possibility. A multitude of activities are pointed out as positive private improvement, and might feature sports or overall performance activities. Have some great ones you believe the company would appreciate ready to mention. Mention just what and how do you find out, just how long did it simply take, have you been still learning or mastering? The prop company will be wanting individuals who can explain why they desired to find out, which realize that learning needs time to work. They will needless to say desire individuals who put in significant energy to understand one thing brand-new and which realize there will be something new to find out.

They’re not going to wanting individuals who show no perseverance, or which think a-two time typing program is an excellent instance.

The reason why should we employ you to trade for people?

Mention exactly how your individual talents and possessions meet just what the company requires. Eventually, the company is seeking an individual who is likely to make money for all of them, so you should build your response in a way that outcome is your mutual objective and explain how you plan to accomplish that for all of them. Don’t mention any prospects to produce unfavorable evaluations.

Do you really think about your self successful?

You should always answer yes for this type of concern, and in quick explain why. A answer will include some private goals you have set, and explain those you have met some and how you are on track to attain the other people.

Understanding your biggest power?

Many email address details are great, just remain positive. Some illustrations: Your comprehension of technical analysis, your analytical or problem-solving skills, your capability to stay focused and work under great pressure, your good attitude, your determination.

Just what is your biggest frustration?

You will need to maintain your response to a professional scenario. Endeavour to refer to something that had been away from control. Show acceptance associated with scenario no unfavorable feelings. Explain why you believe this occurred, what actions maybe you have taken to overcome this. Just how successful have these actions been, and a lot of significantly, just what maybe you have learnt or taken from the specific situation that features led to private improvement. The business are likely to be wanting individuals who can take their part in a failure and who take some form of activity to attempt to overcome failure or at the very least learn from it. They need individuals who accept that they can have problems, especially in trading since dropping investments are included in any dealers activity.

They’re not going to wanting individuals who think they are perfect, that don’t take their part or try to blame other people, or individuals who have hung up about failure.

Describe a situation that required a silly quantity of effort under great pressure.

You might say you thrive or enjoy certain kinds of pressure or you perform at your very best whenever in a stressful scenario. Offer an example that relates to a trading environment. Mention if the effort within instance had been justified, therefore tried to alleviate the stress, if it absolutely was all worthwhile in the long run. The company would be wanting individuals who realize that success takes sustained effort, and who is able to deal with and relieve stress. They’re not going to be wanting individuals who genuinely believe that success comes effortlessly or which have bogged straight down by stress.

Are you willing to put the interests associated with organization before your very own?

This will be a primary commitment and commitment concern. Don’t be concerned about any honest and philosophical ramifications. Simply answer yes.

How can you be prepared to counteract your not enough knowledge?

Firstly, when you yourself have relevant trading or marketplace feel the interviewer is certainly not alert to however, take it up right here: Then, highlight (if correct) that you are a quick learner and certainly will strive.

Are you experiencing any queries in my situation?

Also have concerns ready, even although you think you are already aware lots towards possibility or organization from your previous analysis, as this will show that you are interested. Prepare your concerns in a way in which you will be an asset on business are beneficial. “just how shortly can I be able to begin trading?” “What is the first I am able to get on the trading floor every day?” “what kinds of methods can I be able learn?” are examples.

Technical or Product related concerns

Technical concerns are one thing you need to expect of virtually every proprietary trading interview. As the part of speciality, marketplace kind and level of trouble of these concerns vary commonly from company to company, you certainly will undoubtedly be expected technical concerns in at least one round of one’s interviewing.

Once again, careful analysis towards organizations activities and markets, and also the trading part you have got applied for can provide you valuable tips about regions of speciality that you should brush through to in advance. Accurate and detail by detail responses will be what will probably wow your interviewer and help increase chances to land the job. Within probably the most competitive business, it is important so that you could get any edge over other prospects as you are able to. In the event that you put in the full time to organize, this can help give you that edge.

Some instance Product related Interview Questions

Graph the price-yield relationship of bonds.

Understanding convexity?

Understanding an inverted yield bend?

The following are rates of four various bonds: 25, 23, 22, 24. Assuming that it is possible to offer or purchase these bonds at no cost, once you learn that the next day, three of these will go to 0 and one of these, 100, exactly how can you arbitrage?

Just how can you explain credit scatter?

In the event that yen/dollar trade rate is 100 yen/$ these days and also the twelve months forward rate is 105 yen/$, so what does this imply?

What is the yen/dollar trade rate these days? In which do you think it’s going to be within one year and just why?

If an exporting organization desires to spend only 110 yen to a buck no less than 90 yen to a buck in 3 months, exactly how can you utilize option tools to hedge their position?

Would a cost of a call option increase or down if the maturity associated with option is longer?

Mind teasers & Problem Solving

It would pointless for people to include a large collection of feasible interview issues or brain teasers in this essay, you have got Bing readily available if you genuinely wish to discover examples, but we recommend you research the Monty Hall probability puzzle, as variations of the paradox are relatively commonly expected in interviews

Interviewees should understand that some puzzles may not have an evident answer, or pose some form of paradox that features no correct answer. The right answer during these situations is actually to demonstrate your thinking as you work it, and show you wont panic.

Monty Hall design concern:

you’re on a-game program, behind one of several doors is $1000. Behind the other 2 is nothing. You pick a door. The host, opens one of several other doors exposing that it’s empty. He now gives you an opportunity to switch to the rest of the closed-door, or maintain your initial choice. Would you switch? Just what can you spend to switch?

Or any other on similar outlines…

We have two envelopes. One includes two times the quantity of the other. We give you one of several envelopes. In the event you switch?

Maths, Aptitude, Psychometric and Character Profiling examinations

Last but not least, although not least – be prepared for some sort of mathematical examinations at some phase throughout your interview process, especially if the proprietary trading company you might be interviewing with is taking part in marketplace creating, schedule spreads trading or trading options.

Although most trading platforms perform crucial computations on ratios and implied rates automatically for you personally, the company will expect you to have great mathematics skills regardless, as they will wish to be certain you recognize just what and how you might be exchanging because they train you within their strategy.

A maths test is a reasonable measure of psychological agility and you should expect, at the least, a test involving numeracy, subtraction, multiplication and/or division of vast quantities and fractions. In the event that company you might be testing with is quantitative or taking part in options marketplace creating, expect the mathematics evaluating become difficult. The test will be timed to incorporate of time pressure and stress in to the equation.

Much more rigorous evaluating could feature psychometric profiling. When you have never done a psychometric test, you need to do an internet search regarding the term and attempt a number of the free examinations that show up within search. Though it is possible to improve your results during these type of tests by considering something involved, unfortunately, it’s impractical to know precisely just what the company carrying out the test is trying to profile you for. Simply unwind, and answer the concerns seriously and also as regularly as possible.


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