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02 Oct 2016

Many Oil Sellers and Brokers Fail – Crude Oil attempting to sell treatments That market in Today’s Internet Era


Many Crude Oil And Petroleum Product Sellers, Brokers and Agents, when you look at the Overseas “Secondary” Oil marketplace, Try not to Make Any product sales Or Income. Do You Wonder The Reason Why?


Crude oil and petroleum items sellers, and their agents and agents, whom run when you look at the so-called “secondary market” of this worldwide oil market today, don’t often talk about this, or like to achieve this. Or such as the reality about it to be known. In deed, most of them would rather so it be held obscured, or simply just misrepresented. But, the truth is one distinctive part of their company “reality” is it: as a bunch, they frequently close no discounts nor make any sales for the oil product they purport to own available to offer, and, in reality, almost all them usually opt for months, also years, or simply permanently, without previously landing also a single sales contract or deal. It really is probably what might just be called “the available secret” of this oil attempting to sell industry!

C. Keila Nakasaka, a Ca lawyer and real estate trader and entrepreneur, whom conducted considerable general market trends and investigations into the D2 diesel oil trade to see if he could prudently recommend taking on the percentage broker’s task to his clients, states he came away from his analysis significantly disillusioned and dissatisfied. In accordance with him, the “tales why these agents concoct tend to be that seller has some direct reference to a refinery. Some also declare that the vendor is, in reality, among the leading energy organizations in Russia… [but] what bothered me personally [the most] is that nearly every these agents neglected to be forthcoming. They frequently misrepresented on their own as mandates, direct representatives, as well as purchaser and sellers.”

Most likely the main and most painful and sensitive benefit of which most these types of sellers and intermediaries (the agents, facilitators, mandates, agents, etc.) tend to be the very least “forthcoming” and “misrepresenting” about, is concerning the quantity and amount of sales discounts they have previously closed, if any, and/or income they have gained when you look at the trade, if any. In other words, the majority of these operatives generally speaking close no discounts, and earn next to nothing. Many of them opt for months, also years – or permanently – without successfully shutting any sales discounts, not to speak of making also a dime in percentage income!

As Nakasaka place it, describing his findings: “Another factor which I believed ended up being strange ended up being that a lot of of this agents we talked with never closed a D2 deal despite their months and often years within company. There was clearly one broker whom reported which he had pending discounts, and two whom claimed they performed in reality shut these discounts. But I did not locate them legitimate.”


Exactly why is this therefore – they make no sales or income? Numerous aspects account for it. They are able to approximately be summarized the following:


A fact that’s at this point well-established and never susceptible to any disputation whatsoever among legitimate experts in the industry, is the fact that daunting most of selling provides peddled by crude oil and petroleum product “sellers” when you look at the so-called “secondary” oil markets, and their agents, agents, and other intermediaries, tend to be phony and bogus. In deed, some objective studies and analysis have put its level at an impressive degree of some 99.999999 % of provides introduced obtainable. Most likely the just thing of much redeeming value that may be claimed about it, is that with particular value to those that become foreign agents and intermediaries in the industry, some of them may usually be involved fraudulently in the industry but innocently and unknowingly, erroneously believing that deal or selling operation is authentic and genuine, when it isn’t.


Place very just, maybe no place is the stating that “we live in an extensive interconnected globe” even more relevant today than in the world of the worldwide exchanging of crude oil and petroleum items. Generally, almost all this 1 needs in order to become a “seller” of crude oil or petroleum product, or his representative, genuine or perhaps not, who are running off any the main globe, is merely to own an access to a pc and an Internet connection. That is most! Unfortunately, but one dire bad effect of this so-called “revolution of this Internet” (among numerous others), happens to be that numerous whom today claim to be, or function as, “sellers” and/or sellers’ “brokers” or “agents,” tend to be largely uneducated or semi-illiterate, untrained and unskilled, and so are without any understanding of the appropriate principles of worldwide oil trading.

Kamal J. Southall, among the leading experts on the subject, whose book, “Trade Fraud, Financial Fraud, while the Joker Broker,” the most respected texts in the event, places it this way:

“perhaps you have pointed out that while you’ve searched Google and libraries, and seemed high and reduced, finding items of information every now and then, you encounter interesting phenomena: almost no practical all about the art and science of working in Overseas trade as an unbiased trader is out there in every comprehensive method. Specific practices, documents, and treatments; mystical acronyms particularly “NCND” or “MPA,” tend to be tossed back-and-forth, terribly corrupted model documents and kinds may filter your path, nevertheless the the reality is that a lot of tried work from home traders, agents – or, even more correctly, intermediaries – understand through highly costly ‘trial and mistake,’… usually re-inventing the wheel each and every time, in that ever-elusive seek out a deal and understanding about how to shut that deal.”

Southall estimates, citing another specialist’s calculation, that off some body million people presently attempting to make it as agents or trade intermediaries on the planet, “perhaps no more than 1% gets the training and ability had a need to previously shut an offer… [meaning that] the daunting bulk, tend to be dealing blindly, [hence] discounts tend to be collapsing… and much more to the level, [oil dealers tend to be] being defrauded – sometimes massive..”

Mr. R. Ambardar, a broker of over 10 years of wide experience in worldwide market development and advisory solutions, calls “lack of experience and understanding” among the main main reasons why numerous agents and facilitators fail in crude oil endeavors. “people tend to be attracted into ecommerce as a result of [the tales they read about the] sorts of money one could earn because of effective discounts. Numerous agents fail, [however], to comprehend that requirements to achieve ecommerce are demanding, [and that] just those individuals who have several years of hands-on knowledge and thorough understanding of the industry can make an effort to prosper as middle-men.”

A great number of amount of agents, Ambardar adds, forget that “To become a ‘Facilitator’ in oil company,… everything absolutely need is right understanding and expertise [since this is just what enable] you hook-up genuine buyers and sellers. You should be in the industry for long to own obtained understanding linked to the characteristics for this company.”

Consequently, one fundamental manner in which this basic not enough competence or knowledge about the basic principles of this oil trade manifests it self, is in the failure of this average person among the sequence of agents and agents and intermediaries that run when you look at the trade, to craft good deals and successfully close sales discounts even after several months or years in the industry.


There is, for the normal contemporary seller’s representative or broker, one other really serious shortcoming and bad consequence that emanates directly out from the fact that the principal supply of their education and training wherein they understand the workings of this oil trading company, is basically the world-wide-web. Again, Kamal J. Southall sums up these bad consequences this way:

“The expertise in acknowledging a dubious trade lead or tender request from a solid one, is typically lacking through the Internet, [and] there is absolutely no crucial filtering of this prospects you wind up reading. Something that may be create here, is create here, through the genuine to your dubious, to your deceptive. Additionally, the nature of this “broker system” is so that information is usually passed away about with little to no crucial filtering, not enough understanding of proper trading treatments while the basic tendency of data in order to become corrupted because trades hands, [and this] causes dangerous results.”


Partly because of the virtual not enough any objective requirements for qualification as a realtor or middleman when you look at the trade, while the easier entry involved with it, these providers have a tendency to operate in a weather of minimal guidelines or requirements, and of loose or no ethics, when the “dog consume dog” mentality appear to prevail – a weather for which each broker, representative, or mandate, being just selfishly concerned with only their own private gains and self-interest, is constantly attempting to undercut and prevent others in discounts. Therefore, usually causing the best detriment of the many parties taking part in an offer, as them all, all together, and not only one-party and/or various other, invariably ramp up the losers since NO deal at all is had with any purchaser.

“[One] reason why it really is difficult to determine the truth [concerning the oil product market],” reported C. Keila Nakasaka, the Ca lawyer and entrepreneur whom investigated the industry this season for possible suggestion of this trade to his clients, “is that there are numerous agents taking part in a transaction; and they are all afraid of circumvention. Ergo, it really is extremely difficult understand the conclusion purchaser or seller. Today, I understand that sometimes it requires teamwork to put a sizable transaction together, but what bothered me personally is that nearly every these agents neglected to be forthcoming. They frequently misrepresented on their own as mandates, direct representatives, as well as purchaser and sellers.”


Yes, admittedly, there is no concern that event of experiencing a lengthy sequence of players, including agents, agents and intermediaries, in a business transaction, is an essential facet of worldwide company. Much more therefore, specially, in today’s Internet globe for which many of us are therefore interconnected globally. Certainly, in oil sales transactions, it must come as no real surprise or everything unusual to anyone that these types of businesses, since they usually have a tendency to involve huge sums of income and sophisticated logistics, would sometimes require teamwork to put the transactions together. Thus, should sometimes involve a multiple amount of parties – traders, agents, intermediaries, agents, mandates, buyers, vendors, etc – to close out a deal. But understanding different here, just isn’t much that in the Internet crude oil transactions one encounters a string of a lot of agents and middlemen. Rather, it will be the fact that many of these agents and middlemen or intermediaries that get involved in it, usually act and behave when you look at the damaging manner of understanding known as the so-called “Joker Brokers.”

As Kamal J. Southall place it, “although experience of the underground sequence of worldwide agents trading meaningless provides and circumventing one another, remaining and right, illustrates well the definition of “Joker Broker” and resembles, usually, a Zoo packed with monkeys.”

Adding that “the character, [which is] usually scorned as ‘the Joker Broker,’ is one thing people encounter very quickly within their forays into the world of trading,” Southall, the writer of a classic in the “Joker Broker” personality, provides a meaning and description of this essence for this “Joker Broker” behavior, this way:

“Defined in the first instance as a bit of an occasion waster, the joker broker is a person who knowingly or unknowingly peddles and plies discounts and products that, when you look at the great majority of circumstances, tend to be non-existent, or terribly defined. Described as a propensity to bluff his method through transactions, the Joker Broker is just one… [who goes about] plying discounts usually concerning a string of agents from end of this world to another, but not just a single one features confirmed ab muscles existence of this products in front of you.”

.One considerable outcome of this?

With a multiplicity of agents and chain of agents usually taking part in a trade, and every celebration running selfishly and undercutting and sabotaging one another in a functional environment for which each celebration is untrusting of this various other in a transaction, and it is frightened to be circumvented by the various other; most discounts that your “secondary” market sellers and their agents and agents tackle, tend to be automatically condemned to failure, also through the start. And frequently do fail.


But essentially the most fundamental and central factor which makes up why most intermediaries active in the “secondary” oil market commonly are not able to, and never, near any sales discounts or earn any income or percentage as agents and agents even after several months or several years of peddling their oil product, could just be condensed into one broad term: namely, the effective pervading grip that “The Joker Broker” mentality has come to own in the agents and agents, almost all of who today are simply just Internet-based agents and agents.

What exactly is meant by this?

Place very just, numerous agents and agents, driven and limited by that they often are lacking much training or understanding when you look at the principles of worldwide trading, and also by the very fact, in today’s Internet era, that their just “qualification” for assuming the mantle to be a “broker” or “agent” when you look at the oil company, is merely they have an accessibility the world-wide-web and a pc, usually act within their conduct of this oil attempting to sell operation, in a fashion that “resembles, usually, a Zoo packed with monkeys” – when you look at the terms of Kamal J. Southall, the writer of a classic on “‘the Joker Broker” personality. A standard attribute of these agents and agents, is that they peddle, knowingly or unknowingly, crude oil discounts and products that in the face from it, come in most circumstances apparently non-existent or dubious, or at least terribly defined, while however acting like all is well with the product they provide, and therefore there’s absolutely nothing for the potential purchaser to worry about regarding it. They’re mostly blinded by greed and false belief they “are going to be very rich a few weeks or next month” by-doing absolutely nothing, other than, only shoving around a couple of copied documents on the web often handed down for them from other jokers, none of which any one of them features often confirmed regarding the very existence of this products they purport to be selling.

Apart from the fact that plenty of of those would, whether they get it done knowingly or perhaps not, often try to press phony discounts on the web, they often perform off numerous misconceptions and beliefs that are simply not true, often handed down for them from other jokers. Often, primarily concerned with “making an instant, quick dollar,” they truly are innocently and naively attempting to shut a deal for a person who they think or just hope to be genuine, but that is, in reality not. But oftentimes, they truly are too proud or conceited just to take or concede that their beliefs and treatments are merely wrong, refuse to change their means, and still waste their time and others’ time for months and years still attempting to press discounts – until, maybe, it eventually begins to dawn on it that for way too long no discounts have-been closed, or are likely to be closed, and never a dime of income happens to be, or will be, gained!

But most importantly of all, probably the worst type of factor that causes having less company or income for the majority of “Internet” crude oil agents and agents, is the fact that, lacking much knowledge or genuine comprehension of the real workings of worldwide company and/or method it actually works, they are often completely unrealistic and not practical in regards to the conditions and requirements they need of, or expect that, potential buyers would take to be able to purchase the items they purport to own obtainable. That is, they often times present sales provides and proposals which can be therefore impracticable, unworkable and outrageously unreal, and so are completely despite the way regular and genuine company features usually been done in the real world.

As one analyst place it, “Some of them [the “Internet” agents or joker agents] are quite entertaining [in the notions about company workings they present], and tell united states of this Nigerian fraud music artists. Society just doesn’t work like that.”


Here is a great example of the Joker Broker-type of offer that oil sellers and their agents and agents, almost all of who run mostly internet based today, usually need of intending buyers. It really is provided in the shape of the transactions TREATMENTS they need that potential oil purchaser should satisfy and follow, particularly these:


1) The Buyer submits ICPO (Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order) & banking details
2) Seller problems FCO (Full Corporate provide) on his letterhead with full contact details.
3) purchaser comes back the FCO duly signed and stamped.
4) Seller and purchaser sign contract.
5) Seller and purchaser exchange the evidence of Product (POP) and evidence of resources (POF) when you look at the after sequence/order:
6). First: Seller problems POP to your purchaser. Second: After purchaser confirmation and within 7 banking times, purchaser’s lender problems POF to seller’s lender.
7) purchasers lender opens up non-operative Letter of Credit (L/C) to seller’s bank/or Bank Guarantee (at seller’s choice).
8) Seller problems 2% Performance Bond (PB) to activate L/C.
9) cargo commences depending on the agreed contract.


In point of fact, really the treatments like the above-outlined, tend to be “standard” and should, in TYPICAL and proper circumstances, normally be a workable and appropriate group of stipulations or requirements for a legitimate potential purchaser to-do company by. But here is what results in the big distinction here: there clearly was one very serious and fundamental factor that is grossly missing here. And that’s this: usually, these types of offer requiring the intending purchaser to conform to these methods, is created, never by or from by a known or founded and even easily recognizable individual or entity, or fundamentally by an AUTHENTIC crude seller or provider. But quite simply by an Internet “seller.” It really is usually provided by a person who just writes (or phones) and promises, often via some web connection or communication (a portal, e-mail or web site), that he is a crude “seller,” and/or broker or representative of one, whom supposedly has some oil available to offer. And it is usually provided by a person who, invariably, would present which has no concrete proof or evidence whatsoever setting up his (or the woman) bona fides and credentials as an authentic seller, or an intermediary of one, nor reveals any genuine reputation having previously done when you look at the crude oil attempting to sell company, or any other items.

Therefore, essentially, understanding essentially occurring here, is that a couple of well-meaning treatments which may have legitimately been created by the industry professionals to be used by LEGITIMATE crude sellers, but usually been used by DEPENDABLE and good crude sellers and buyers alike to-do company, have instantly been hijacked by a brand new breed of “Internet” agents and agents – Joker Brokers – whom today need that sensible crude buyers tend to be to consider precisely those exact same treatments in transacting company with them! To put it another way, had been these Internet agents and crude “sellers” to own been a number of the so-called oil Majors – particularly Chevron, Valero, Shell Oil, Exxon Mobile, British Petroleum, complete Oil, etc. – meaning organizations and company entities which can be popular, already founded, easily recognizable, reputable and reliable, there would have been zero problem or concern in regards to the crude buyers using those “standard” treatments and conditions established above in employing the world-wide-web sellers and agents. But that is not the scenario all, here. Rather, rather to your contrary, these Internet-type agents and agents (while the purported sellers whose provides they peddle), tend to be largely Internet-based; and are generally obscure businesses, and even non-existent, with no known identification, no recognized base of businesses, or founded record or reputation for previous performance as crude sellers.


Yet, it is, when you look at the great majority of circumstances, the kind of expected crude “sellers” who desire and inquire that potential buyers must be submitting to those exact same treatments and conditions in working with them. Clearly, that is a ridiculous “Joker Broker” type of day-dreaming – which has no legitimate crude oil purchaser around the globe would take to distribute an ICPO (Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order) to a mere as yet not known, unproven, dubious Internet “seller” of crude oil to obtain company with these types of an entity. And undoubtedly, no legitimate crude oil purchaser around the globe would take to distribute its evidence of resources or economic and banking details to these types of an entity, or to also sign a contract with-it – an entity about who it understands absolutely nothing, and whose bona fides, credentials or existence as a supposed crude oil provider, is basically dubious and unestablished.

A major, popular, recognizable, or reputable entity or crude dealer, yes. Not an obscure, dubious, unidentified entity, largely present just on the web.

Analysts during the JokerBroker.com web site, which will be a site devoted to considerable compilation of a database of the very most notorious “Joker Brokers” individuals and organizations, sums it this way, describing why most legitimate crude buyers would generally speaking decline accepting these types of treatments and conditions usually demanded of those by Internet agents, outright:

“whenever an offer starts off with “send ICPO with BCL or smooth Probe, [POF], NCND and IMFPA,” it is “broker language.” Those who know broker language understand what this means: “i am a joker broker. I do not have genuine product obtainable, and I also do not know anyone who has any, so I would like you to offer me personally an Irrevocable Purchase Order along with your full economic details disclosed, so I can run around along with your purchase along with your profit my hands seeking product, while the next thing the truth is will be your company and banking details exposed to the whole world, caught unsecured on the web between thousands of various other joker agents.”… That is what this language suggests. I suggest you understand the language, and kindly don’t send me personally also one “deal” which starts off with this specific procedure. Kindly only put them straight into the rubbish container, which will be exactly where we put them when anybody delivers them in my experience.”

Kamal J. Southall, composer of “Trade Fraud, while the Joker Broker,” describes listed here as “some of the most notorious Joker Broker Documents”:

“The Irrevocable Purchase Order/IPO ICPO: Sometimes known as the Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order, these types of a document just does not exist. Or even to put things more rudely, the ICPO is crap. Indeed there, we now have said it, allow the chips fall.”


This is what might oftimes be called “the available secret” of this so-called secondary market oil industry: as a bunch, the crude oil and petroleum items sellers, and their lengthy sequence of agents, agents and intermediaries, generally speaking near no discounts nor make any sales or income out from the oil product they purport to market, often after several months, also years, or simply permanently, to do the business. There are lots of factors which account for this. They add the fact that most oil sellers and their agents and other intermediaries, tend to be phony operatives with no crude or petroleum product to market, in the 1st, to not enough proper training and understanding by these operatives when you look at the principles of this company, to your existence of particular really serious disadvantages and shortcomings built-in when you look at the fact that, bye and large, the main source wherein most agents and agents today understand their art today as oil dealers, is only the world-wide-web.

But essentially the most fundamental and most central factor of which makes up the aforementioned reality, could just be condensed into one broad term: namely, the effective pervading grip that “The Joker Broker” mentality has come to own in the agents and agents, almost all of who today are simply just Internet-based agents and agents. Typically lacking much knowledge or genuine comprehension of worldwide company and/or method it actually works, and often blinded by greed and false belief they “are going to be very rich a few weeks or next month” by-doing absolutely nothing, other than, maybe, just shoving around a couple of copied documents on the web, the conditions, requirements, and treatments usually suggested by the “Internet” agents and agents for potential buyers purchasing from a seller, are often unrealistic, impracticable, outrageously unreal, also laughable and ludicrous atimes. They’re unworkable conditions and requirements which can be totally despite the way regular and genuine company features usually been done in the real world. And therefore, legitimate buyers generally speaking reject outright the sales provides via these types of Internet sales operatives, hence resulting in typical not enough sales or percentage income for these types of operatives, thirty days after thirty days, as well as year after year.

Including, all the attempting to sell provides one gets today for the purchase of oil, are often from Internet “sellers” – individuals whom just claim, via an Internet communication, that they are “sellers” of crude or petroleum items with a few product to market, but typically have NO known identification, show no legitimate record or reputation for previous performance as an AUTHENTIC crude seller or provider, nor present any solid proof that expected seller also is out there. Yet, these mere “Internet” sellers would usually need and expect a critical purchaser of oil, just to sign an “ICPO,” and come into a binding contract with them committing it self to responsibilities respected when you look at the several billions of bucks with these types of a yet unproven and dubious Internet “sellers” (or agents and agents), or to distribute its most painful and sensitive economic and banking details for them, etc! needs which, obviously, which has no legitimate crude oil purchaser around the globe would take or distribute to with just a dubious, unidentified, yet-to-be-established entity! Along with all that, increase that reality that those harsh conditions are increasingly being demanded of intending buyers by the sellers and agents in an oil industry that’s, by all legitimate accounts, packed with a lot of fakes and fraud when you look at the contemporary oil attempting to sell industry!

And thus, here you have got it: why most expected “secondary” market Internet oil sellers and their agents and agents usually make no sales or income within their stint into crude oil and petroleum product selling company today within Internet era, for months and years.