20 Feb 2017

Amazon hires new people in the UK and Europe

15 000 additional jobs are expected to open all over Europe by the US Tech giant Amazon. The Seattle based company announced that one-third of these working places will be placed in the UK to show Amazon has confidence in the UK economy ahead of Brexit. This will be the second enlargement for the UK division’s workforce, since last year when 3500 new employees have joined Amazon Web Services division. According to the company’s announcement, by the end of the year 24,000 people will work in the new UK headquarter based in Shoreditch, London area. New job positions will open in the development centers in Cambridge and Edinburgh. The storage and packing division of the company will add three new sites in Doncaster, Tilbury and Daventry.

Amazon’s expansion will include other European countries such as Germany and France, where between 1500 and 2000 additional jobs will be created. “These new job opportunities are for people with all types of experience, education and skill levels, from software developers, engineers and technicians, to those seeking entry-level positions and on-the-job training,” says the statement issued by the company.

Since 2010, Amazon has already invested over 15 billion euros in infrastructures all over Europe. There are two running web services data centers in Dublin and Frankfurt and a new one is expected to start operating in London. “We see lots more opportunity across Amazon’s businesses to invent and invest for the future,” commented Amazon EU Vice President, Xavier Garambois.

Apart from Amazon, other tech giants also claim their faith in the UK economy. Last November, Google announced that will hire another 3000 people in their London quarter. That was followed by Facebook saying they will increase their employment staff by 50 percent until the end of 2017. Good news came from Apple as well – they are planning to lease 500,000 square feet in former coal-fired power station Battersea and turn it into a new UK base.
Financial and tech analysts around the globe believe that the support of the tech giants comes at the right time and it is a huge vote of confidence.

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