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22 Jun 2014

Shipping: Information on Prohibited Items

Shipping: Information on Prohibited Items

International Removals Company, Abels, provide some important information about prohibited items that people should consider carefully when packing for their overseas move.  


Each country has its own set of rules about prohibited items. It is the responsibility of the person moving to ensure that they are fully aware of the import regulations of their destination country.  Therefore, it is important leading up to the move that you familiarise yourself with each individual policy. If you are in any doubt, you can ask your Customer Services Manager for the particulars about the customs and import regulations for the country you are moving to.


Prohibited Goods
This list includes any goods that can put health or property at risk, as well as items which breach the regulations of the local area or of customs of the destination country.

These include:

  • Explosives, (ammunition or firecrackers) and radioactive substances.
  • All animal exhibits or skins without which fail to meet the import and export requirements. This usually encompasses clothing, shoes and ornaments which are make from skins, and/or the by-products of endangered species.
  • Substances of a corrosive nature, such as bleaches.
  • Aerosols and pressurised vessels (even if empty).
  • In-flammables, such as petrol, lighter fuel, and paint.
  • Items which may encourage vermin, pests or cause infection.
  • Poisons, such as weed killer.
  • Pornographic photographs, literature, photographs or videos.


To be declared on entry

  • Tobacco products
  • Perfumes/toilet water
  • New purchases
  • Firearms
  • Alcohol

Not insurable

  • Personal items, such as, precious stones, jewellery, trinkets or watches.
  • Valuables, such as deeds, money or securities.
  • Furs, except when previously declared and agreed in writing.




  • We highly recommend not to ship food into any international country, this includes dried or tinned items, as well as unopened packaging.

It is also recommended that you carry any medication on you, in your hand luggage (with your doctor’s authorisation letter).




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