21 Feb 2017

UK Spending More on Hotels and Restaurants

UK citizens are becoming healthier and more hedonistic in their lifestyle shows the latest statistic from the ONS (Office for National Statistics). According to the Family Spending Survey the ONS has recently released, people in UK have been spending less money on cigarettes and alcohol and more on going out activities and restaurants.

The numbers show that in 2016, the average amount of money spend in UK household on cigarettes and alcohol per week was only £11.40 compare to £20 per week in the early 2000’s. At the same time, these numbers varied a lot in the different regions of Britain. For example, households in Scotland spent an average of £8.90 on alcohol and £4.90 on cigarettes while an English average was £2.90 for tobacco and £7.80 for alcohol.

Meanwhile, spending more money on quality social time such as restaurants, hotels and cafes has reached a 5-year peak. An average of £45 a week was spent on dinners and short weekends away last year. Enjoying life seems to be the new trend in UK which probably is supported by the decreasing price of fuel and more affordable new cars. In addition the survey shows that average of £68 per week has been spend on recreation and culture activities which is the third field after transport (£72.7 per week) and housing, fuel and power (£72.5 per week).

The other big trend that the Family Spending Survey shows is the increasing numbers of mobile phones and tablets. In total 95% of the families in UK owns at least one mobile phone which is the same amount as the house holds having central heating. The average amount of money UK citizens spent on communications last year was £16 per week which unfortunately surpassed the amount of money spend on health care at £7.2 per week and education with £7 per week.