03 Mar 2017

Grandpa’s Groove: UK Population is Growing and Ageing

UK population is growing announced the Office for National Statistics presenting the latest results of their study for 2015. According to the data – the current UK population is 65.1 million people, with 500 000 more than the previous year. If the tendency is kept by 2026 the experts are predicting the population will reach 70 million.

The reasons for the steady growth are: the positive natural growth – more births than deaths and then net migration (the difference of immigrants and emigrants of an area in a period of time).  Additionally, the size of the population is increasing because it is ageing. According to the ONS data in 1975 14% of the UK citizens were over 65 years old, in 2015 that percent was 17.8 and by the middle of next decade one in every five (20.2%) will be a pensioner.

At the same time after the “baby boom” in the 1950’s and 1960’s there is  slow down in the birth rate in 1970’s and new rise in 1980’s. Despite the fact that the percent of children up to 15 years old have declined form 24% in 1975 to less than 20% in 2015.

The third factor influencing the size of the population – migration – has also changed a lot over the years. ONS is indicating that the migration factor must be considered as “indirect effect” as it changes the numbers of birth and deaths in the country.

The political and economic changes in Eastern Europe and other countries allowed more people to travel, so reasonably the immigration in UK has increased since 1990 and within the last years is significantly outnumbering the emigration. In 2015 the inflow was 631,500, more than double to the people who moved out from UK – 299, 200.

Currently UK is the third most populated country in Europe.

Meanwhile in France

Unlike UK, France is experience decline in its population. According to The French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies – INSEE in 2015 the deaths in the country are surpassing the number of children born with more than 100 000 (5,2 million deaths to 5.09 million births). This is an ongoing tendency for the last few years with continues decline in births by 2% each year.

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