06 Mar 2017

3 of The Best Apps to Keep Your Spending on Track

Organising monthly incomes and expenses is almost hard science for most people. How many of us have gone in the vicious circle of spending almost an entire salary the first days we receive it and then borrowing money to finish the month? Luckily the new technologies are offering us some simple apps to helps us navigate through the tangled knots of monthly finance.


Mint smartphone app is an additional product of – web service that helps to create budget with different spending categories. You can use the desktop version or simply install the app on your phone.

Mint will help you to set your own budget, track your expenses, set and reach financial goals. The interface is colorful and easy to navigate – colour-coded lists, graphics and charts. Plus, you can track your bank account and credit card balance (if you have one). You can also set alarms and alerts to remind you of a bill needed to be paid or if you have surpassed your budget. You can also receive a weekly summary on your email with history of your spending, income and the current situation with your money.

Mint is free and available for iOS, Android and Kindle.



A similar application is MoneyStrands. Here you can also access your bank and credit card accounts and set different financial targets, but you can separate them in different categories. For example: you can have one goal for groceries spending, another for home expenses and a third one on expenses for nights out. Also, there is a calendar to keep you updated with deadlines for bills or to track your investments. MoneyStrands will help you to set up and follow your progress on different savings – like your holiday or long deserved spa-treatment. There is also an option to secretly compare yourself with other users with similar backgrounds and goals.

Moneystrand is also free available for iOS and Android.

YNAB – You Need A Budged

First the bad news: it’s not free. You have 34-days free trial but then to use the app it will cost you $5 a-month or $50 for one year. Works both for iOS and Android.

Now the good news: probably the most impressive app in that segment. According to its authors only after 9 months of use you will save around $3000. Their moto is “give every dollar a job” and according to the conception, the app offers you to set your “money pot” for all sort of things – groceries, rent, bills etc. Every penny you spend is accounted and if you are overextending your budget on something, you can transfer money from another pot. The app encourages you to save money each month on larger expenses like too many nights out or over expensive birthday gives.

and just a couple more

if you have a small business or you are working as a freelancer, a helpful app is Receipts by Wave. It will help you to track, organise and categorise all your paper bills, invoices and receipts and to export them in cloud-base accounting software.

Saving money on groceries is very easy with Mysupermarket app. It includes the price lists of Asda, Aldi, Morrisons, Ocado, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose and allows you to find if a certain product is cheaper, so you can plan you weekly or monthly food shopping.