03 Mar 2017

Girl Power: ReConnect To Recruit Women on Career Break

Over 1000 people worldwide will hire Vodafone in next 3 years through its new programme ReConnect, open for the ones who have taken career break. Most of the new employees are expected to be women as a big percent of them have been stopping their jobs to raise famillies. ReConnect programme will be launched in 26 countries and will give the employees opportunity to choose between flexible working hours or full time engagement. Additionally, half of the new positions will be on management level.

Over 96 million women in age between 30 and 54 around the globe are currently on career breaks, shows data from KPMG. Roughly 55 million of these women have been reached to a middle or higher management level before stopping work. If all of them would to join the work forces again that will bring additional £151 billion to world’s economy every year. According to Vodafone 75% of them do want to renew their career if chance is provided. The Telecom announced also that 27% of their current management staff is female and they expect this number to increase up to 30% in the next 3 years.

ReConnect will be officially launched on 8th March, the International Women Day with 50 employees in 11 countries. They are all between 28 and 58 years old and have been on career break between 1 and 10 years. Among the 50 returners 85% are women.

Strategic Thinkers

Vodofane’s new programme is part of global initiative, which is also supported by other businesses. Similar program is run by the constructing company, Balfour Beatty who offer positions for professionals who have been on break for more than two years. The Royal Bank of Scotland’s Comeback package includes work place, coaching and network opportunities.

In addition to ReConnect programme Vodafone offers assistance to their current female workforce. They were one of the first companies to offer company’s female staff, no matter where they work,  the same amount of maternity leave – 16 weeks, together with full pay for just a 30-hour week six months after they return to work. The programme has been in place for two years  and is applied in 30 countries including divisions in Africa, the Asian-Pacific region and Middle East.

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ReConnect will “make a real difference to women who work for us today and who will work for us in the future.” Vittorio Colao, the chief executive of Vodafone, said during the presentation of the programme.

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