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02 Oct 2016

Attract Cash With Runes and Rules of Quantum Physics


Rune Meditations FA for Wealth/Prosperity

The very first time you can now combine the Ancient Wisdom associated with the Runes using the energy of Quantum Physics to entice wide range.

In my opinion within the energy associated with the Universal Creative Energies called the RUNES. The effectiveness of regulations of Attraction. The Law of Three. The Law of Resonant Frequencies. All rules you can now used to recreate your life how you want it.

Every one of these rules are now totally explained within the contemporary language, called Quantum Physics. Our ancestors in addition to contemporary metaphyscians known as these working rules your head of Jesus.

By consciously using these rules we could alter our fate, and our life, to add more variety, health and happiness.

Runic energies would be the most effective way to do this.

I will be revealing with you my 25 several years of rune work. I am going to make use of the modern-day languages of energy and Quantum Physics.

Runes, Rune-Meditations, Rune-Magic, Rune-Yoga are area of the great truth of Creation.


You will see there is a great similarity between this meditation in addition to meditation for health. I will be a firm believer in repetition. The greater amount of you notice one thing, the sooner you are going to grasp it

Everything about to review, about runic energies, you’ll not get a hold of on anywhere else. This is the first-time RUNES are provided from a strictly energy viewpoint.

To practice this runic breathing exercise there is no need any ritualistic paraphernalia. All you needs is always to print the oversized rune you’ll find in the this course.

It is advisable to print it out on tough card stock, it will last longer.

For this runic breathing exercise we will make use of RUNE-FA . The Rune of mobile wide range.

To begin with, remain comfortably within favorite seat. It is advisable when possible to utilize exactly the same seat each day for your runic meditations. In this way the seat can be imbued and faced with runic energies. After awhile, only sitting within the seat brings you the sense of comfort and calm.

Relax, do not stress. Breathe slowly and profoundly don’t let yourself be concerned if you are carrying it out correct or wrong. Don’t let yourself be concerned if you are pleasing or displeasing a god/goddess. It is not a ritual. Its about attracting rune energies.

Its your individual rune-meditation-for-wealth breathing exercise. Its energy and vibrations.

In which you spot your interest your power flows. You truly touch everything you think about, and it will touch you straight back. Once you spot your interest from the runes within the Quantum Ocean their energies will move closer. You might be doing an electricity transfer.


The runic wide range energy that you are about to entice should have a certain target, a certain destination to move to. You are going to now prepare yourself to mentally receive these energies into your private energy field (AURA.)

As soon as your private energy field is faced with this runic energy then you can mentally create whatever way to this wide range that you desire

Or, it is possible to allow this rune energy circulate during your human body and energy areas, asking each mobile in your body using the wish to have wide range energy.

Or, it is possible to mentally deliver runic energy to some body at a distance to aid their wide range process to start.

This is known as secret at a distance.

Your mind is an extremely effective radionic tool, in case it is used precisely. Visualization is regarded as its many creative resources. It really works well with runic energies.

We have been not likely to attach any magical, mystical, spiritual, religious or secret meanings to the runic breathing exercises. We are simply going to think of it as our individual energy system exercise. Its into this center pillar system of energies that individuals will pour our runic energies..

You can visualize your five energy chakras as basketball size spheres.

These five chakras are :

* CROWN CHAKRA basketball world 4″ above the head.

* NECK CHAKRA basketball world in neck and neck location.

* HEART CHAKRA basketball world in heart location.

* GENITAL CHAKRA basketball world in vaginal location.

* GROUND CHAKRA basketball world within foot location.

These five chakras are arranged in the exact middle of the body. Discover a 3″ pipe linking every one. This way the runic energy can move from crown chakra on ground chakra.


Remain quietly and visualize your center pillar energy system within you.

Visualize a countless sea of energy, the Quantum Ocean all around you. Use whatever visualization you want. This isn’t a prayer nor a sacred ritual on gods/goddesses. You can’t do so wrong. It’s your own personalized runic energy recovery exercise.

Hold the huge FA cardboard rune within lap with both hands.

Look at it. While you spot your interest from the runic symbol on your lap the FA energy from Quantum Ocean will start to move closer.

Your runic energy should have a target, someplace to go. That’s where many students make their mistake. You must supply the energy a certain target.

The runic energy target will be your Middle Pillar Energy program .

Now slowly and steadily, while looking at the FA rune symbol, air this energy into your self. Air it in as if it had been a wonderful flowing blast of light.

Intone (state mentally to your self)

“i’m now inhaling the PROSPERITY runic energy of FA, from Quantum Ocean into my crown chakra (4″ basketball world above the head.”)

By utilizing your mental abilities you control the runic energy change from Quantum Ocean to your energy areas.

Mentally see this runic energy flowing from Quantum Ocean into your crown chakra. Visit your crown chakra fill-up with this energy.

Take the time and feel and visualize this crown chakra full of runic success energy. Don’t rush.

While you advance within researches you will learn to utilize colors also.

For now its suffice to utilize white light. But allow it to be a dynamic, sparkling white light.

Intone three times.

Take a deep breath each and every time, examine FA rune within arms.

The runic energy within the crown chakra will now begin to move down the 3″ pipe and commence to fill your neck chakra.

If your neck chakra is full of runic energy, see this energy flowing down the 3″ pipe into your heart chakra.

Once you heart chakra is complete, understand energy flowing down the 3″ pipe into your genetal chakra.

If your genital chakra is complete, understand energy flowing right down to your ground (foot) chakra.

Just take a few momemts and sit-in your center pillar of runic success energies. See this wealthy white FA energy filling your entire 5 spheres (chakras) plus center pillar.


Start to flow the amount of money energy around the body.

Visualize a 3″ blast of this white light flowing from your crown chakra and flowing down the front side of the human body.

This 3″ energy moves down that person, your chest, your stomach, your genetals, your feet, to your foot and feet.

After that under your foot or more your heels, your calves, your thighs, your bottom, your spine, your neck, back of mind and into your crown chakra.

At this point you have actually a moving ring of runic money energy flowing down the front side of the human body or more the rear. There is the first ring of energy around the body.


Begin a second blast of energy from your crown chakra down the remaining side of the mind, your ear, your neck, your supply, your hip, your thigh, your leg, your foot.

Using your foot or more the proper side. Your foot, thigh, hip, neck, ear and into the crown chakra.


From your heart chakra visualize a 3rd 3″ circulation of energy coming out of your heart. Allow it to move to about one foot prior to you.

Now circle it clockwise around the body from remaining to right.

Why don’t we stop here for an instant. This could sound very difficult. It is not. After some rehearse it will be possible to do the complete center pillar recovery exercise in 15 minutes.

Fifteen minutes daily to improve your wellbeing, wide range and happiness. This is a tiny cost to cover.

Bear in mind we have been dealing with energies. Energy moves. That’s what we do, getting the energy out from the Quantum Ocean to move closer and into you

You’ve got now produced 3 rings of flowing runic energy around the body.

One all over front side of the human body from crown chakra to foot or more the back.

One around the body from remaining side of crown chakra down the remaining side of the human body. Up the right side of the human body and into the crown chakra.

One around your center, clockwise.

Now expand these three rings so that you fill your aura, which is one foot from your human body. See and fill your aura full of white success runic light. Neglect the 3 rings and concentrate on your aura being complete.

It’s your egg-shaped auric shell. That’s where all success begins.

You always have an aura surrounding you. Most people have actually aura’s which are very near their body like a pair of pantyhose. We want to expand our auras out so they are surrounding us one or more foot from our bodes all over. This provides us more energy and much more security.

By continuing your breathing exercises your aura can get stronger and stronger. Your wellbeing and well-being will also boost as your aura gets stronger.


(1) provide your self a general success recovery session?

(2) Send success energy to a particular business?

(3) Send this success energy to a buddy or loved one? (distance does not matter)


Take a deep breath and mentally intone:

“i’m now inhaling this effective runic FA energy into every mobile of my real, mental, emotional and spiritual systems.”

Have the energy from your auric shell entering the body and filling every mobile.


Just take a second air and repeat intonation.


Just take a 3rd air and repeat intonation.


Now remain quietly as your auric shell, which is full of FA wide range energy, charges every mobile of the human body.

Remain so long as you like.

Provide a silent many thanks on Rune FA .

Understand that the Rune Meditation for Prosperity reaches work as you choose to go about your business


Why don’t we state you have got a particular business or income generating plan that you would like to deliver success energy to.

Why don’t we state that you are worried about your website business.

While you are sitting within seat together with your auric shell full of runic FA energy, take a breath and intone mentally:

“i’m now delivering the effective success energy associated with the FA rune into every fawcett of my webiste business.”

Visualize the white sparkling energy within aura flowing into your site. Visualize your website from the display screen prior to you. Your site as far as the Quantum Ocean can be involved is a full time income entity. All living entities emit and entice energy. Treat it as if it was live and deliver it success energy.

Once more three breaths.

Three and nine would be the magical multiples while using the runes.

Remain so long as you like and relish the felling of well-being that this transfer of energy between both you and your site brings you.

You can do it as frequently while you like.

You can use this breathing exercise and deliver the power to any business or income generating plan you have got.

We have been discussing energy. The beautiful simpleness of the exercise is that individuals are attracting energy out from the Quantum Ocean (HEAD OF GOD). We have been then utilizing our thoughts to direct this success energy to in which its needed.


Forward wide range energy on business of a buddy or a loved one. Life-force understands no distance buffer. It does not travel like electrical energy does inside our three dimensional world. The only real distance in the wide world of Life-force (Quantum Ocean) is similarities of form.

Once you think of your family business you set-up a mental website link. The notion of your family business in your mind is the nearest and dearest business as far as Quantum Ocean can be involved.

So, whenever you think of it, you may be actually making contact. You might be holding business. Close your eyes and think of business. You might be mentally delivering it the power you have got stored in your auric shell. You might be holding it with this energy. There’s no distance between their business plus mental image of it.

With your aura full of the runic FA energy, take a breath, visualize your family business in your mind, then exhale slowly during your lips to discover this success FA energy flowing from your lips and in to the auric shell associated with the business.

When it hits the auric shell of the buddies business it will know where to head to bring success.

You could hold a photograph or a company card of the nearest and dearest business within arms and inhale onto it. The success FA energy will move in to the picture and in to the business.

The Creator God-made all their rules easy . Just guy complicates them.

Discover all you can about the rules of Quantum Physics. Another 2000 many years is exactly about energy and energy transferring.

You can use runes in addition to rules of Quantum Physics to entice wide range energy out from the Quantum Ocean (notice of Jesus) and into your life.